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Remaining on campus over Easter: A Student Survival Guide

If you find yourself staying on campus over the Easter break, it can be a mixed blessing. On the one hand, you have the free time to try some new, fun activities and to get caught up on those nagging tasks you’ve been putting off, but it can also be a bit of a lonely experience at times…in which case, have a read through our Easter Survival Guide to help you get the best of both worlds! University Vacation Arrangements Your first port of call should be to find out what arrangements your university has made for students remaining on campus over Easter. As a minimum, there should be an easily accessible list on the university website of the opening times and contact numbers of essential servic

Celebrating 30 Years HOST: An International Student's Experience

Following on from last week's article which discussed 30 years of HOST UK - the scheme that offers international students the opportunity to be the guest of a British family - we spoke to Sarah Chan, who is in her first year studying Psychology at Nottingham Trent University, about the challenges facing international students and the benefits of going on a HOST visit. Q.1. In your experience, what are the main obstacles to overcome as an international student studying in the UK? For me, the challenges are threefold: making new friends with local students, getting English language support, and above all finding accommodation for the following academic years. Making new friends is always a cha

HOST: Celebrating 30 Years of Welcoming International Students

HOST UK's mission: To promote international friendship and understanding by welcoming international students as guests in British homes, and vision: A world more understanding and accepting of different cultures, feel as vital as ever in 2017 as the organisation celebrates its 30th anniversary. The only charitable organisation of its kind, HOST is comprised of a network of over 1500 visited and approved volunteer hosts throughout the UK who open their homes to international students for either a one-day or weekend visit. Over Christmas, students often stay for three nights; a welcome option at a time of year which can be especially isolating for those without - or living away from - family.

Black Eyes & Cottage Pie: Using theatre to help students discuss sexual consent

Last month, The University of Salford was visited by the MaD Theatre Company — a Greater Manchester based charity that offers drama workshops as a means of educating and engaging its audience. On this occasion, they performed Black Eyes & Cottage Pies for students, a production that blends together film and live theatre performances to explore themes of sexuality, adult domestic abuse, sexual consent, sexting and the power of positive peer relationships. It was originally commissioned 18 months ago by Greater Manchester Police who were looking for an innovative and effective way of tackling intimate partner violence and abuse in the city, and the fact that people aged 16-24 are most at risk

Bystander Training: Encouraging peer-to-peer support to tackle student sexual harassment

When DrinkAware released the results of its poll of student experiences on a night out, it added to an ever-growing body of evidence that points towards a serious problem with sexual harassment and assault at UK universities. This includes the NUS 'Hidden Marks' report findings that 68% of female students had experienced verbal or physical sexual harassment at university, and the Guardian's investigations into the 'scandalous' levels of sexual harassment and gender violence being perpetrated by university staff. DrinkAware’s survey of over 2000 students aged 18-24, from universities throughout the UK, found that over half (54%) of female students in this age group had experienced sexual hara

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