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Student Blogs: University open days — How to prepare and what to expect

Should I go to university? Is it for me? If you are thinking about applying to university later this year, I’m sure that these are just some of the questions you have been asking yourself. It is a big and difficult choice to make, which can often seem overwhelming. The best way to make an informed decision is to do as much research as possible. The upcoming summer break is a great opportunity to visit different universities, and think about whether this is somewhere you can imagine spending the next three years or so. Where should I start? Before you start looking, have a chat to a teacher or careers advisor at your sixth form or college. Ask them any questions you have about what it actuall

Student Blogs: What can I do with my summer?!

The upcoming summer break, for most of you, is a long one. Yes, you can binge watch the new series of ‘Orange is the New Black’, or wait with baited breath for the final series of ‘Game of Thrones’ in July. Although this does still leave you with a fair amount of free time. The summer months offer a perfect opportunity for students to gain extremely valuable employability skills, as well as the potential to earn some money. So what options are available to you? 1) Get a summer job. For those of you interested in making some money, this is probably your best option. You should, however, think about what else you are hoping to gain from this job. Retail work is always a popular option, and is

Peer support: University of Birmingham's Guild of Students 'buddying' scheme for interna

Global Buddies is a University of Birmingham Guild of Students 'buddying' scheme that provides informal peer-to-peer support to international students, helping them to meet other students and settle into life in a new country. Since its launch in September 2016, the scheme has been extremely popular, pairing over 400 students with volunteers. A number of mixing events and trips are laid on for students, giving them the opportunity to meet fellow international students and Global Buddies volunteers in a comfortable and welcoming environment. Events and trips are open to all international students, not just those who are paired with a Global Buddy volunteer, to allow those who may not wish to

Student Blogs: Make the most of any remaining student finance this summer

So summer has begun. You’re probably sitting at home, just breathing a sigh relief that exams are over and you have virtually no work to do over the next four months, university-wise anyway. There’s probably a little bit of money lying at the bottom of your bank account, just waiting to be spent and now you have plenty of time to spend it. Here are my tips on how to make the most of your spare change: Travel by coach. It may be a longer journey than by train but it can be a lot cheaper and the destinations are incredibly more vast. You can travel to Amsterdam, Paris or Brussels for just £30 through the National Express. It’s a great way to have little adventures for a good price. You can als

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