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Student Blogs: Staying safe on a night out

Plans of staying safe and getting home in one piece can sometimes feel of secondary importance to the Big Mac meal many-a-student finds themselves craving at 3am. Sticking with a group of friends and knowing your own alcohol limits are effective measures anyone can take in trying to stay safe. However, there are many schemes in place at universities across the UK that are doing great work in giving students a little extra piece of mind. Below is an insight into some of these initiatives, and how they are of help to students. Safe Taxi Scheme: Cardiff (my university) is in a big city. This means that it can be quite a trek from town to home, especially when you’ve had a few too many. Dragon T

International student blogs: Between two cultures

I am a mature student. I am an international student. I am also an EU expat, or immigrant if you like, who has lived in this country for fourteen years. As you read these lines, I am on my way to my beautiful country, the Czech Republic, to the city of golden spires, Prague. At this point I should remark something funny, such as that after years of living in Britain, I no longer drink Pilsner Urquell but love a bit of “ye olde” English ale. That is, admittedly, not funny at all as well as being completely untrue. By stereotypical “drinking” standards, I am a bad Czech person as I have never liked beer, always opting for wine if I have to. Also, being a woman, I have never drunk much, so one

Student Blogs: The dilemmas of a mature student

“What on Earth am I doing here? What was I thinking?“ I mumbled under my breath as I was going through another airport security style check during my IELTS exams. A minute before, I had been sick on the toilet, pale, shaking, sweating, which reminded me of why I would decide not to continue with further studies in my twenties in the first place. The overwhelming fear of being tested is so exhausting and paralysing for me. You freeze and can’t do anything. You are not able to sell what you know, prove your right to be in an Academic institution. In the meantime, your peers appear to easily sail through everything. The exam nerves and self-confidence (or the lack of it) can mean the difference

Student Blogs: Things I wish I'd known before starting university

Entering my third (and final- eek) year, all of those reservations I held about what my university experience would be like feel like a distant memory. But for those last few weeks before leaving home, I was terrified. University is a completely new adventure that – in all honesty – is quite difficult to understand until you experience it for yourself. There are, however, some things that I wish someone had told me before I started my first year. They may not all make sense to you now but, trust me, they will over the next 12 months. Making friends will be a lot easier than you think. For me, this was probably one of my biggest worries. The thought of moving into a flat with 5+ strangers is

A call-out to UK universities: Help NUS Alcohol Impact build a national picture of student drinking

National students and alcohol survey 2017: Each year we ask institutions and students’ unions involved in NUS Alcohol Impact to promote a survey to their students’ to enable us to build a picture of student attitudes and experiences linked to alcohol consumption, and also to track long term trends in alcohol related attitudes and behaviours. This year we want to be able to compare the data for those involved in Alcohol Impact against the national picture. Therefore we need some institutions and students’ unions not involved in Alcohol Impact to promote the survey to their student population. In return for promoting the survey, we would offer you free local statistics for some of the key ques

Student Blogs: Waiting for results day? Ellie shares her tips to make it a little easier!

The countdown is officially on! In just a few weeks, those of you waiting to hear about your A-level results will finally know if (and where) you will be going to university in September. Scary, right? You are not alone. While the next three weeks can be a difficult waiting game, be safe in the knowledge that a lot of people are experiencing very similar emotions to you. The fear, the unknown… it can all become incredibly daunting. But don’t let it overwhelm you! Have a read through these tips on what (and what not) to do in the run up to results day: Do ✔ Talk to friends and family about how you are feeling. It is really important to surround yourself with a strong support network. Some of

Guest blog: NUS Alcohol Impact sign-ups 2017-18

As you might have heard, NUS Alcohol Impact is a whole-institution programme to create the conditions for a social norm of responsible alcohol consumption by students. It is a strategic framework and supported accreditation mark designed to bring higher education institutions and students’ unions together in partnership. Further information here. The programme takes a social change theory approach to tackling cultures of irresponsible drinking, ultimately reducing harm to students, improving welfare, well-being and academic achievement, creating more inclusive spaces, and enhancing the student experience. Participating institutions and students' unions work through a list of criteria ranging

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