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ProtectED seeks Founder Member universities to lead on addressing key student welfare issues

A new university organisation is aiming to drive up standards in student wellbeing as the sector struggles with record suicide rates and ‘epidemic’ levels of sexual harassment on campus.​ Student safety is also a significant issue, with concerns being raised by university staff, and by home and international students. ProtectED, a not-for-profit university membership organisation and national accreditation scheme to improve student safety, security and wellbeing, will hold an event at the House of Lords next month, hosted by ProtectED patron, Baroness Ruth Henig. The event on March 19 will welcome ProtectED Founder Members and bring together senior university representatives and organisation

Student blogs: How to react if someone comes out to you

Nobody needs to say how important coming out is. Whether from second or first-hand experience, everyone knows that a person coming out to someone else as gay, lesbian, or bi-sexual, is a significant life event for that person. It also means two things: 1. Trust The person who is coming out to you, trusts you. They are placing something that is very personal to them in your hands. If anything, you should immidiately feel a great deal of respect for them (and if you want to be selfish about it, you could feel honoured). 2. Feedback It does seem a little odd, but sometimes people just want a reaction. This is not to be confused with a bad reaction; if someone sits you down to come out to you, t

It's Student Volunteering Week 2018: Why should you consider volunteering at university?

Volunteering at university may be something you have never considered, especially if a busy schedule of course work, socialising and a part-time job already leave you short on time. But if you are a new or returning student, volunteering can have a positive impact on different aspects of your life. For starters, it’s often a brilliant way to explore your new home town or city, learn about the local community, meet people from different backgrounds, and make new friends. Many university volunteering schemes run social events for volunteers and in some cases, annual award ceremonies to thank volunteers for their efforts! Volunteering and helping others has been shown to enhance mental wellbein

Student Blogs: What to do when your results don't go to plan

Having to undertake exam or coursework-based assessments are a given part of university life. Unfortunately, however, they don’t always go to plan. We’ve all been there. Your result date approaches, you look online, and your grade is lower than expected. This can be a really disheartening experience, especially if you feel like you’ve put the work in. Equally, you may have been expecting a bad grade if things didn’t go well at the time. This may lead you to question your own abilities; I’ve certainly experienced this on more than one occasion. Whilst it can be easy to let a bad grade affect you, being able to reflect on the situation and pinpoint what went wrong can be a productive way of de

Would you like to find out more about ProtectED? Free webinar this Thursday

If you work in higher education, or have an interest in the safety, security and wellbeing of university students, then we would highly recommend signing up for our free webinar this Thursday 15th February, at 9.30am. As you may know, ProtectED is the first UK Higher Education membership and accreditation scheme to look comprehensively across student safety, security and wellbeing. The need for ProtectED is rooted in the recognition that universities have a wider role to play in supporting the safety and wellbeing of their students – not only while on campus, but throughout their student experience. The webinar will be a short 20 minute presentation outlining how ProtectED has evolved, what

Student Blogs: Overcoming divisions between international and British students

UK universities often pride themselves for their international outreach. At London School of Economics for example, 70% of all students are international. However, throughout my university degree, I have learned that even though cultural diversity is a characterising feature of the student body in the UK, there is also a noticeable division between foreign and British students. Internationals tend to stick to themselves and so do British students. The reasons for this may be numerous and hard to identify without an in-depth study, but by interviewing some students in my social circle I have been able to get an idea. My Experience At the beginning of my experience in a UK university, I was su

Guest blog: Before there was #MeToo, there was #ItsRevolting

If the latest media attention has shown you anything, it’s that sexual assault and harassment is happening, everywhere. At university it has happened to me, it has happened to my friends and it’s happening at every higher education institution in the UK. So why are report rates so low? One university’s response to our Freedom of Information Request revealed that they had just one incident of sexual assault on record in five years. University management, some of the country’s most intelligent and highly educated people, must be able to see that this is misrepresentative of reality. In the U.K we pride ourselves on the fact that every student is entitled to a positive student experience, as we

Campus Living Villages signs ‘Time to Change’ mental health pledge

Student accommodation provider Campus Living Villages has signed a pledge to change the way it thinks about mental health at work and how to be more aware for its residents and the sector as a whole. Campus Living Villages, who house around 13,000 residents within the United Kingdom, is committed to continuing the behavioural work it’s already doing with Rethink Mental Illness in creating a more ‘mentally healthy’ workplace and environment. On Time to Talk Day 2018, the student accommodation provider’s UK CEO, Richard Gabelich, was joined by Stephen Field, of Rethink Mental Illness in signing the Time To Change pledge. Earlier this month, through their new report – Mental Health at Universit

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