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Guest blog: The UMHAN 'I Chose to Disclose' campaign

“Will I be treated differently?” “Will I be a burden?” “What will they think of me?” These could be some of the reasons why students might choose not to disclose a mental health condition. A survey by the Equality Challenges Unit, found that around half of students and staff had not officially disclosed their mental health difficulties to their university. As a result, they are not receiving the support or adjustments they are entitled to. The report also suggests that one barrier to disclosing could be the lack of clarity within the process of disclosure. "If I decide to disclose a mental health difficulty to my university, what happens next?" This is the question that the University Men

Student Blogs: Maintaining a relationship at university

When I first considered going to university, people began with the typical questions and statements: “Do you really think you and your boyfriend will last?”, “University is a lot of pressure on a relationship!”, or “There will be so much temptation when you start university!” Things like this will leave anyone with fear about what university will do to their relationship! As for me, at the time I was in a seven-month relationship with a guy I loved a lot. We had spent all summer happy as Larry. But with university around the corner, I think it is safe to say that we were both feeling a little anxious. However, there is hope! I am still in this relationship, we are now two years strong and gr

Happiful Magazine: 5 ways to tackle exam stress

We've written a piece on managing exam stress for the May 2018 issue of Happiful Magazine — a publication that aims to break the stigma of mental health through informative and inspirational stories and articles. Read our tips online, here. Indicator 2.3.1 of ProtectED's Student Wellbeing and Mental Health Instrument requires member universities to have dedicated measures in place to promote good wellbeing and mental health for students at key points during their course, including over exam periods.

Student Blogs: Reclaim the Night – why did it start?

Reclaim the Night is a yearly event which takes place up and down the country, usually in university towns or cities. The Reclaim the Night website boasts “sister marches” to its London event in Belfast, Exeter, Northampton, Portsmouth and Southampton, to name just a few. In Manchester this year, the march took place on the 23rd February and was organised by the University of Manchester’s Students’ Union. They held banner making sessions in the lead up to the event. Some of my favourite banners and signs read “Feminism is the radical idea that women are people too” and “No does not mean maybe.” Chants on the march called for safe streets, higher rape convictions and stopping rape crisis cuts

Student Blogs: Managing your transition out of the ‘university bubble’

I’ve always thought of my university experience as this bubble-like state. For the past 3 years, I’ve known exactly what I’m doing and when I’m doing it. This limbo between being a teenager and entering the ‘adult’ world brings with it an incredibly comforting sense of certainty. Unfortunately, however, it can’t last forever. The thought of not knowing what life holds for me after graduation is absolutely terrifying. But, at one point or another, this is something that we all have to face. So here are my tips for trying to handle your transition out of your university bubble: Accept that it’s going to happen As much as I’ve tried to pretend that there isn’t only a matter of weeks before I of

Guest blog: Is a bystander approach the much-needed response to sexual harassment?

"The most common way that people give up power, is by thinking they don’t have any." — Alice Walker The above quote is a powerful one, and one I refer to time and time again, in many aspects of my work. My interpretation of the quote is simple, and centres on how easy it is for any one of us to accept a situation as it is, not seeing any way to change it. The use of the word situation is important here. In many cases it is the situation that impacts on the person’s behaviour. The quote looks at a person’s inability to change the situation. In other cases, the situation can cause people to act in ways that are alien to their normal way of thinking. For example, in his research on ‘evil’,

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