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Student Blogs: Surviving university as a commuter student

Those who commute to university make up a large, and often overlooked, proportion of the student population. As the cost of living continues to rise, many have little choice but to stay at home. This is especially true in cases where maintenance loans fail to cover rental costs. For those who have chosen a university closer to home, moving out may not make much financial sense. Equally, staying at home may be a completely personal choice if this is a step you’re not yet ready to take. In all of these cases, missing out on the ‘typical’ student experience, or feeling isolated from your peers, is a common experience for those who commute to university. Here are my tips for how to make your sit

Guest blog: Enhancing the student experience with Scriptor Cube

In recent years, student wellbeing has been widely discussed in the media. Many universities have reported a sharp increase in students seeking counselling due to the impact of high tuition fees and the burden of debt. Russell group institutions reported that 43,000 students availed of counselling in the academic year 2014-15 compared with 34,000 three years earlier. High fees are only part of the problem. In 2017, the THE surveyed 2000 students who indicated high levels of stress due to the pressure of course work. Isolation is another major issue. A new study by the University of Southampton indicates that students who experience isolation are at a greater risk of developing mental health

Emmeline's Pantry: Practical and emotional support for female students in Manchester

Last month, the NUS Poverty Commission published the Class dismissed: Getting in and getting on in further and higher education report, looking at the barriers facing working class students in regards to access and success in post-16 education. The Commission was established to address how the switch from maintenance grants to loans in England has disproportionately impacted the lives of poorer students. The Institute for Fiscal Studies estimates that these students will leave university with an average debt of £57,000 — and that is if they complete their degree. Students from disadvantaged backgrounds are more likely to drop out of university, with 8.8% doing so in 2014/15 academic year. Th

Would you like to find out more about ProtectED? Free webinar on 25th May

If you work in higher education, or have an interest in the safety, security and wellbeing of university students, then we would highly recommend signing up for a free webinar on Friday 25th May, at 11:00am. As you may know, ProtectED is the first UK Higher Education membership and accreditation scheme to look comprehensively across student safety, security and wellbeing. The need for ProtectED is rooted in the recognition that universities have a wider role to play in supporting the safety and wellbeing of their students – not only while on campus, but throughout their student experience. The webinar will be a short 20 minute presentation outlining how ProtectED has evolved, what it means t

Guest blog: How students can help support friends struggling with mental ill health

Between the pressure of university, internships, and finding a job in a related field, students are struggling more than ever to get through university… and it’s not just students saying this. Proof UK students are struggling According to the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA), accumulated data shows that 1,180 students studying at UK universities left early due to mental health problems in the 2014-15 academic year. Alarmingly, this is a 210% increase from the 380 students who left their studies early from previously recorded data in 2009-10. Some may argue that these numbers have increased because students are not seeking the relevant available help, however this is incorrect. HESA

Student Blogs: A letter to my university on #TeacherAppreciationDay

Dear University, “You are no one to have an opinion. Your job as students is to study the opinions of professionals, you cannot express your own.” This was my teacher’s ‘motto’. She was my teacher for five years and that sentence never left the back of my head throughout that time. I did what, according to her, was my job for five long years, and I did my best to do it well. After high school, I took the difficult decision to move to the UK. I decided to embark on a new adventure, a tough one, away from my friends, my family, and from the life that felt so familiar but that for some reason also felt like I was not really suited for. I bounced into ‘Uni’ life, a completely different one. A be

Guest blog: Drinkaware venue schemes and campaigns for safer, more positive student nights out

Grabbing, groping, offensive comments, taking photos without permission: unfortunately these are all behaviours that 18 – 24 year olds told Drinkaware are common place – even expected – on nights out in clubs and bars. Over the last three years, Drinkaware have been working to address this via advertising campaigns which challenge drunken sexual harassment, and by helping venues integrate customer welfare into their operating structure via the Drinkaware Crew scheme. Supporting student welfare with Drinkaware Crew Drinkaware Crew are trained staff working in clubs and venues to support the welfare and wellbeing of young adults on nights out. Working in pairs, they mingle with customers to pr

Student blogs: How to write a great CV

Graduating from university is one of the most confusing experiences one can ever go through. It can be an amazing and also a daunting time. You are happy that you've finally graduated but scared of what the future holds. Some people are lucky enough to know what type of career they want to get into, but some are not so lucky. You will go through a lot of different emotions at this stage but having a good CV can help. During your job hunt, it will sometimes feel like you are shouting into the abyss: you send your CV to a thousand companies but no one gets back to you. With a solid CV, you are at least guaranteed the acknowledgment you deserve, giving you the confidence boost you will need dur

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