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Student Blogs: Managing an internship after your first year at university

Getting your summer exam results is a career and life achievement: you have made it through the first year of university and can pride yourself on going into the penultimate year of your degree. Your second-year counts towards your final grade and does determine your degree classification to some extent. For some it's 25% and for a few others it's 12.5% owing to a placement or an exchange year (but more on that in my next segment). It's an open secret that a 2:1 can be the key to breaking through the eligibility criteria of most work placements, internship schemes and bursaries, placements and dream internships. A (predicted) 2:1 may be half the battle won, but you should also think about ho

Guest blog: Sexual consent and the Unismart presentation for new students

A group of bars in the New Zealand capital of Wellington are using ‘Angel Shots’ to help people who feel unsafe on a night out. The code-word ‘Angel Shot’ lets bar staff know that something isn’t right and they’ll assess the situation and help you out. The initiative is gaining traction down under, and comes at a time when young people are increasingly at risk from sexual violence. When it comes to sex, asking if what you’re doing is okay, makes all the difference. Do you want to do this? Are you into this? Is this okay? It is important to ask your partner, even if you think you would never be that person who sexually assaults someone. "Failing to ask? The consequences are severe." Last year

ProtectED: A way forward for universities which aims to improve student safety and well-being

"Student safety should be a priority for all universities, but with 39% of universities not providing sexual misconduct training for staff, and only 29% of universities with a mental health and well-being strategy, this demonstrates there is need for improvement. Lucy Winrow from ProtectED discusses student safety and understanding ‘what works’, driving change in national standards in the HE sector and safeguarding the student experience." Read the full article, here.

Pincident: Durham SU's interactive tool for mapping harassment and hate crime

It is an unavoidable fact that not everyone in a given community will feel safe, and for university communities, issues of harassment and assault are particularly pressing. Just this week, it was reported that there has been a 60% increase in racist incidents at UK universities, and recent figures suggest that 3 in 5 students have been sexually harassed or assaulted. At Durham University, it is understood that these issues cannot be properly addressed without a clearer picture of the problem. To this end, Durham Students' Union created Pincident — an anonymous mapping tool which records experiences of harassment, violence, assault or discrimination, as well as incidences of bystander interve

Student Blogs: Cardiff University's #LetsShare campaign for better mental health

Launched in February of this year, Cardiff University’s #LetsShare campaign aims to encourage staff and students to start conversations about mental health. This has been created in collaboration with Time to Change, a movement that aims to change our attitudes and approach towards mental health issues, for the better. Discussions about our own experiences of mental health are often avoided due to feelings of fear, embarrassment and nervousness. Equally, asking others to open up may feel too intrusive or awkward. But these conversations are a vital means of reducing the stigma surrounding mental health, and offering support to those who need it. The #LetsShare campaign is centred around a co

Student blogs: You've finished university — now what?

When you finish university, there seems to be two feelings that you get. One is that lovely feeling that you are ready to take on the world. The other, more common I’ve found, is that you have no idea where to go next, or what to do. While it would be lovely to think "I’m coming out of university with a career lined up", that does not always work for everyone. Not to say that couldn’t be you. It may just surprise you how quickly you get that job you wanted when you leave university. This is going to be a slightly realist outlook on what to expect. You + Everyone Else You apply for that dream job. Why wouldn’t they hire you? You have completed university somewhat unscathed, you are a wonderfu

Guest blog: Students Minds launch guide to ease the transition into university life

Starting university can be a wonderful and exciting experience, but it can also bring its own unique challenges. Nearly 50% of young people enter Higher Education. For many, university is their first time living independently away from established networks of family support. In adjusting to the student lifestyle, many students struggle to maintain healthy day-to-day routines and experience academic, social and financial pressures. In relation to diagnosable mental illness, many of these lifestyle pressures can result in irregular sleeping patterns, poor diet, work pressures, lack of exercise and alcohol consumption, which are all risk factors for developing mental illness. “The first few we

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