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Guest blog: Live, reflect, repeat — managing student stress with writing therapy

I recently graduated from University and as part of my undergrad degree, I completed two counselling modules. I also experienced a lot of stress. Little did I know early on how valuable those few hours of counselling reading would be to me over the coming years; and now I’m going to share what I’ve learned with you. Reflexivity Part of the personal development process of training to be a counsellor involves keeping a diary and engaging in reflection. Reflection is the practice of exploring and examining an experience, an emotion, clarifying meaning and understanding, and changing perspective of oneself and those experiences (Smith, 2016). Predominantly, I do this through reflective writing,

British Council: 'Creating Confidence' when safety is now a key concern for international st

A new UK parliamentary inquiry launched this month — seeking oral and written evidence from experts in education, business, trade and in local communities — in order to understand and create a more sustainable future for international students in the UK. Lord Bilimoria, co-chair of the inquiry, has said: “International students are rightly asking if the UK will welcome them. With more international students looking for a global study experience, the UK should be their first choice, but many are choosing competitor countries instead. We provide the best education in the world and should be proud to share it with UK and international students alike.” Indeed, Australia is now overtaking the UK

Student Blogs: The 'drinking culture' at university — myths and alternatives

The drinking culture at university can be intense, especially if this is something you are not that into. Freshers' Week can be quite intimidating: you have left home (perhaps for the first time), are thrown in with a group of diverse people and are about to live with complete strangers for a year. You'll also be going on nights out in a city that you may have never visited before. This thought will either send some nerves through your system or make you feel more excited! Here is some information about what to expect during Freshers' Week. What to expect Typically, you can expect going out with your new flatmates to your local newsagent to get some cheap booze (the clubs can be expensive fo

#ChangingLivesForGood: UKCISA 50th Anniversary Conference blog

The 50th anniversary conference of UKCISA — the UK Council for International Student Affairs — took place in Edinburgh on the 27-29 June this year. Over the last fifty years, more than five million international students have come to study in the UK, and with a conference theme of #ChangingLivesForGood, the programme included a wide variety of sessions celebrating how international study can transform the lives of both international and domestic students, and the wider community, as well as showcasing the work taking place at UK universities to help international students to fulfill their potential. Here are just a few of our highlights over the three days. Day one On the first day of the co

Student blogs: How to make the most of your summer holiday

There is no better feeling than being finished with all your exams and coursework. You have the whole summer ahead to do all the things you were probably already doing through procrastination, but without the guilt. But, if like me after a week of watching endless trashy Netflix shows you begin to get an itch to do something more “productive”, here are a few suggestions of what to do. Travel The long student summers are a great time to start globetrotting and also give you something interesting to talk about when you return to uni. Traveling doesn’t have to be expensive either; if you really put in the time and effort to scour the internet then you can find a getaway to suit any budget. It’s

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