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Happiful Magazine: How to manage homesickness at university

We've written a piece on managing homesickness at university for the September 2018 issue of Happiful Magazine — a publication that aims to break the stigma of mental health through informative and inspirational stories and articles. Read our tips online, here. Indicator 2.3.1 of ProtectED's Student Wellbeing and Mental Health Instrument requires member universities to have dedicated measures in place to promote good wellbeing and mental health for students at key points during their course.

Student Blogs: Five things I wish I'd known before starting university

Before starting my degree three years ago, I was full of questions about what my university experience would bring. Is this really going to be the best three years of my life? How will I settle into this new environment? What if I can’t handle the workload? Looking back, I can say that everyone’s experience is different and something that you can only really understand once you’ve been through it yourself. However, having now finished my degree, there are some things that I wish I had been told before starting my university journey: 1. Those three years will fly by. I’m sure this is a cliché you have already heard from friends and family, but I cannot stress how true it is! However, for me,

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