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Education and Policing – Working Together to Reduce Youth Knife Crime

In June I was privileged to represent IPSA at the ProtectED advisory board meeting on behalf of Jane Farrell, IPSA Chair. ProtectED is a Code of Practice and Accreditation Scheme developed and designed by a multidisciplinary team of academics, university security services staff and external industry experts, which aims to set recognised standards in educational establishments for the safety, security and wellbeing of students. The meeting was both enjoyable and insightful and gave much food for thought. As Chair for Policing Services at IPSA much of the focus of my reporting recently has been on the drastic cuts to funding and manning levels that the police forces from around the UK have suf

The Reality of Post-University Blues: Adjusting to Life as a Graduate

Excitement, liberation, relief, fear, anxiety, uncertainty, concern. These are just a few of emotions you may be experiencing after graduating university, often at the same time. For over 15 years, you’ve lived through the education system and become accustomed to the structure, consistency and familiarity that comes with it. So, what happens when you try to live outside of that system for the very first time? Trying to fulfil the expectation of being an ambitious young graduate ready to take on everything the adult world has to throw at you can be overwhelming. After years of hard work, making new friends, living away from home and building a life for yourself in a new town or city, your li

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