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View from the frontline: An interview with Malcolm Dawson (BEM)

I recently had the pleasure of meeting with Malcolm Dawson (BEM), Head of Security at the University of Leeds and International Director of the International Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators (IACLEA). Malcolm has a great deal of experience gained over a distinguished career in security management in the higher education sector. Over a cup of tea, Malcolm shared with me his reflections on the role of university security, as well as advice for those new to the sector. We discussed how university security in the UK has changed since he started out, and his more recent involvement in IACLEA. Malcolm's responses suggest ProtectED is bringing into focus problems faced daily by

Five things to consider when finding your University home

Moving away from your family home, moving out of your halls, or even moving into your 3rd or 4th year house can seem like a daunting experience. This may be the first time you have had the opportunity to choose where you want to live and who you want to live with, or you may be looking to learn from the mistakes you’ve made in the past. There may be endless options available and knowing where to begin may seem confusing. Some factors are more important than others, but here are five things to think about before making any decisions: 1. Cost The most important thing is to be realistic! Finding the fanciest house available might be your dream but there would be nothing worse than getting halfw

ProtectED Conversations Blog: Coventry 30/01/20

Leadership Culture and Communication Last week we had the pleasure of holding our latest ProtectED Conversations event at Coventry University – the third in our series of events, where higher education professionals, associated businesses and ProtectED Member institutions meet to discuss issues impacting student safety and wellbeing. The focus and main aim of this ProtectED Conversations event was to explore how we collectively improve the safety of both students and staff in the HEI sector. We had the honour of hearing fantastic Keynote Speakers from two of our ProtectED Founder Members and a thought-provoking interactive session from Intersol Global that really got everyone thinking. Kay L

How to make the most of your last semester at university

After the years of hard work, late night cramming sessions, make-shift student meals and a few too many nights out, graduation is nearly in sight. All that’s standing between you and the official start of adulthood is one last push through your final semester. And if you feel anything like I did during this time, the thought of getting through these next few months is probably a little overwhelming. Between trying to knuckle down and do the best you can in your degree, wanting to make the most of living your last few months as a student and thinking ahead to what you want to do after graduation, it’s a balancing act. Take a look at my top tips for making the most of your last semester at uni

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