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Introducing UCLan: ProtectED Founder Members

In this video, Lisa Banks – Director of Student Services at the University of Central Lancashire – talks about UCLan's whole university approach to student services, and the benefits of ProtectED membership for students and universities. For more information on UCLan Student Services and the work of UCLan Students' Union, please see our blog post on the first ProtectED Conversations event, here. Subtitles are available on the video.

A student view - Being a student and key worker in the Covid-19 Pandemic

As the Coronavirus pandemic continues, universities have been suspended till further notice. But as a domestic in the emergency department at a hospital in Birmingham, I have gone from having no worries as a student to being thrown into the front-line; cleaning infected areas and helping to keep staff and patients safe. For some background information, I work as a bank domestic in my hometown of Birmingham. This means I can pick my hours when I come back from University in Salford and cover anyone who is off work, but since being back I have been lucky enough to be booked in the emergency department, from Monday to Friday each week. Which means I‘m doing full time hours, as well as completin

Universties write open letter to Landlords

The advice we are all hopefully listening to, is to stay at home and keep safe and like most people students are no exception. But what does the current lockdown mean for them? It is a complicated situation as some students are still in Hall of Residences and private housing; as they were unable to leave and go home, some have gone home but their belongings are still in the accommodation, some got home safely, and all variants in-between. Universities are being inundated with questions from students, mostly about rent for the Summer term, as a large proportion of students made it home; the main question being asked is, do I still need to pay my accommodation fees? In most cases the Universit

A student view - Coping in the current climate

What a strange couple of weeks. I feel like we're living in a third dimension. The streets are bare, everyone's wearing gloves, there's no milk in the shops and don't get me started on the lack of eggs. It's pretty scary, I won't sugar coat it. Two and a half weeks ago I was living in Salford, continuing my studies as a Multimedia Journalism student attending lectures and classes. I was living in a uni house with more independence than you could imagine. I was working for the Hits Radio Manchester Street Team. Practically living with my boyfriend, doing my own food shop, clubbing and seeing friends almost daily but all of a sudden that's come to a halt. Now I’m back home, like the rest of t

Six ways to look after your mental health during the coronavirus outbreak

During these unprecedented times, a lot of us are worried about the safety of our loved ones, adjusting to a new way of life and the uncertainty of what is to come. This is not a situation that any of us have ever been in before, so any feelings of distress, anxiety and concern you may be experiencing are completely normal; but this doesn’t mean you have to go through this alone. As well as looking after the physical health of ourselves and others during this time through social distancing and self-isolation, we also need to be taking care of our minds. Here are 6 ways you can look after your mental wellbeing during the coronavirus outbreak, as well as looking out for the mental health of yo

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