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8 Jun 2018

When you finish university, there seems to be two feelings that you get. One is that lovely feeling that you are ready to take on the world. The other, more common I’ve found, is that you have no idea where to go next, or what to do.  

While it would be lovely to think "I’m coming...

23 Feb 2018

Nobody needs to say how important coming out is. Whether from second or first-hand experience, everyone knows that a person coming out to someone else as gay, lesbian, or bi-sexual, is a significant life event for that person. It also means two things:

1. Trust

The person who is coming...

10 Oct 2017

Your life is about to change. Whether you are a party animal or someone who loves to study… or even that rare breed that somehow manages to get through university doing both —everything is going to be different over the next three years.

Take all of that information and add into t...

18 Sep 2017

I went to university at twenty-two. I left it a little late because I know for a fact I was not ready to go to university straight out of high school, which is totally fine. I always say the loneliest I have ever felt is the first day at a new place. I had my father give me a lift to...

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