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1752 - Higher education after #MeToo Report

Higher education after #MeToo: Institutional responses to reports of gender-based violence and harassment?

I had the honour of attending the launch of this report by Anna Bull and Erin Shannon recently. This is such an important report as there has been a light shining on the problem of Sexual Harassment and gender based violence, but it is good to see that the reporting structure and support structures in some universities have improved.

It has taken far too long for some universities to act and change their procedures and support for victims of gender based violence. This report will hopefully help people see what good practice is, and help them to look at what can be changed at their institution.

We have a section dedicated to Sexual harassment and assault, that you can apply for accreditation in independently of the other instruments, if you want to help improve the services and procedures you have in place, we would be happy to support you. You can read the full report here.

Ref- Anna Bull and Erin Shannon (2023, May). Higher Education After #MeToo: Institutional responses to reports of gender-based violence and harassment. York, U.K.: The 1752 Group/ University of York.



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