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Student Blogs: How I stay motivated on my university degree

There are a number of reasons why some people lose motivation at some point during their degree. Many feel overwhelmed by the amount of work they need to do in such a short time, while others may not receive the support and guidance they need to help them progress, or may doubt their choice of subject.

“What’s your why? When you know why you do what you do, even the toughest days become easier.”

Staying motivated at university is not always easy, but choosing the easier option — to procrastinate — will not help you move forward. Talking from experience, it is easy to feel discouraged when you have so much going on, but you have to keep reminding yourself: WHY?

  • Why did I choose this degree?

  • Why did I choose to go university?

  • Why am I feeling demotivated?

Sometimes, you have to take time out to connect with yourself again. University can easily become draining but never forget why you started; having an inspiring 'why' helps you to move forward and persevere through the difficult time.

“The triumph of anything is a matter of organisation”

As a third-year student, I have felt overwhelmed but what helped me to remain positive was getting myself organised and sticking to a realistic routine that would help me to balance my university responsibilities with my personal life. I bought a calendar and a to-do list board, which has been so useful. This is because you are able to plan your week effectively, and even if you do not complete everything on your to-do list in one day, the fact that you've written it somewhere is a visual reminder, and you are more likely to get things done.