ProtectED Conversations Blog: Coventry 30/01/20

12 Feb 2020

Leadership Culture and Communication


Last week we had the pleasure of holding our latest ProtectED Conversations event at Coventry University – the third in our series of events, where higher education professionals, associated businesses and ProtectED Member institutions meet to discuss issues impacting student safety and wellbeing.



The focus and main aim of this ProtectED Conversations event was to explore how we collectively improve the safety of both students and staff in the HEI sector. We had the honour of hearing fantastic Keynote Speakers from two of our ProtectED Founder Members and a thought-provoking interactive session from Intersol Global that really got everyone thinking.


Kay Littlehales– ProtectED Development Manager – hosted the event and set the tone of the day giving an overview of how ProtectED encourages universities to do what is right and not what is easy: how we need to work collaboratively within the HEI sector, updating our focus constantly, and thinking of the process as a horse shoe, not a circle, so there is always space to add new thinking. Kay concluded that we can’t challenge the norms on our own, but need to change as a collective, to ensure that students and staff are safe and well on and off campus.


Hearing from Founder Members


Coventry University were fantastic hosts, and we want to give a special thank you to Alistair Logan - Head of International Student Support at Coventry, for his help in organising such a great event. Coventry University are one of ProtectED’s first Founder Members and we are delighted to be working with such a forward-thinking team of Student Services professionals and academics.


We were delighted to be joined by Lisa Bayliss Pratt - Chief Nurse at Health Education England (HEE), and Pro-Vice-Chancellor at Coventry University as our first speaker, who shared her strategic aims with her presentation entitled ‘The Coventry Way to Health and Wellbeing’.


Lisa is new to this role but already has a staggering insight into what needs to change in the HEI sector. She spoke of how more compassion is needed and it is very apparent that both student and staff welfare are at the heart of everything she is working towards.