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Papyrus – Ways to support LGBTQ+ young people and protect against suicidal behaviour

For many LGBT+ students, university or college, is an opportunity to be more open about their sexuality or gender, and Pride Month is a great time of celebrate, being part of the LGBTQ+ community. It's great to see so many people support such diversity.

But it is also a time for addressing and highlighting the problems that the LGBTQ+ community face, including the in this article from Papyrus looking at the reality of LGBTQ+ suicide statistics.

As part of our ProtectED Code of Practice we require our member universities to have policies in place that support all students security, safety and wellbeing, including bullying and harassment, equality and diversity, as well as mental health support. Remember if you don't feel comfortable or ready to share your sexuality or gender identity when you get to university you don't have to, it is a personal choice and entirely up to you. Read the full article here.



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