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Blackbullion - How has not having enough money reshaped today’s university experience?

I am happy to share after it's launch last week the Student Money & Wellbeing 2024 annual Blackbullion report is now available to download, this is their white paper about the impact of financial concerns on students’ mental health, physical health and the university experience.

Now in its fourth year, the 2024 research explores how not having enough money has reshaped today’s university experience and the impact on students’ mental health, physical health and academic attainment.

What’s covered in this free report?

  1. What is the reality of students’ finances in 2024?

  2. How are money worries impacting students’ health and wellbeing?

  3. How are money worries impacting academic attainment?

  4. How does today’s university experience compare to students’ expectations?

  5. How do students feel about their financial future?

  6. What university support makes a real difference?

Who is the report for?

This report is for:

  1. All staff at all universities and colleges – from leadership to junior colleagues 

  2. Anyone at any organisation across the sector (and beyond!) with an interest in the wellbeing and outcomes of current students and future generations

It will help you to better understand:

  • The very real impact that money worries are having across the entire student experience and all areas of students’ lives

  • How the picture has changed in the past 12 months and since 2021

  • Whether particular student groups, based on background and demographics, are being disproportionately impacted

You can download the report here.



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