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Why join ProtectED?

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Transform the student experience in your institution by becoming a ProtectED Member.

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ProtectED consists of a Code of Practice and accreditation scheme for HEIs to address the safety, security and wellbeing of their students — as well as to protect university assets and estates. It is designed to ensure HEIs provide the services and structures that enable students to avoid problems and focus on their success. It also offers reassurance to students, as well as their parents and loved ones, that during their time at university, their safety, security and wellbeing is being protected.


By contributing to improved HEI standards around student safety, security and wellbeing, ProtectED aims to ensure that the UK higher education learning environment and student experience is not merely good, but exceptional.

At a ProtectED accredited institution, students (and their loved ones) can feel confident they are being supported to achieve their full potential.

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ProtectED institutions have advanced from believing that their responsibilities are defined by geographical campus boundaries, to understanding that they encompass the totality of their students' experience.

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ProtectED Member Logo

Member benefits

ProtectED Membership and accreditation supports HEIs in four key ways:

   (i)   Supporting recruitment of home and international students;

   (ii)  Supporting student satisfaction, retention and completion;

   (iii) Helping protect institutional reputation; and

   (iv) Improving cost efficiency and service effectiveness.

The benefits of ProtectED Membership and accreditation are discussed in more detail here.


ProtectED Members are able to:​

  • Use the ProtectED Member logo to highlight their commitment to protecting students’ safety, security and wellbeing (e.g. on institutional websites and recruitment materials)

  • Access the ProtectED Self-Assessment Guides and associated HEI assessment support resources

  • Access the ProtectED Exchange online forum for members​​

  • Access support from the ProtectED team

  • Become part of a national and regional network of ProtectED Safety and Wellbeing Partnerships for peer support, sharing of good practice and pooling of resources

  • Submit applications for ProtectED Accredited Institution awards​

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Who can join?

Membership of ProtectED is open to any higher education institution in the UK which is committed to improving the student experience by addressing the safety, security and wellbeing of their students.

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How to become a ProtectED member

To become a ProtectED member requires a letter of endorsement from the vice-chancellor (or equivalent) of your institution.


The letter confirms the institution's acceptance of the ProtectED Principles, their commitment to these at the highest level, and commitment to action across the institution.


A template letter for new members has been created for you, and can be downloaded here.

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Membership fees

ProtectED is a not-for-profit community interest company, and is funded through university ProtectED Membership subscriptions. In response to feedback from our Founder Members and in light of the financial impact of Covid-19 on the university sector, ProtectED has revisited its fee structure in an effort to make cost less of a barrier to ProtectED Membership.

As of 1 July 2020, ProtectED has introduced a second Membership fee model. Institutions may now choose the fee model they prefer when purchasing ProtectED Membership.


ProtectED Membership fee models

Model A – Standard annual Membership fee; and no charge for Accreditation

Under Model A, the full ProtectED Membership fee is payable annually and application for the ProtectED Accredited Institution award is free of charge. Annual Membership covers all costs related to application processing, Peer Review Panel assessment, Student Assessment and Verification Visit by one or more approved ProtectED Assessors.

Model B – Reduced annual Membership fee; with Accreditation fee

Under Model B, a reduced ProtectED Membership fee is payable annually, while application for the ProtectED Accredited Institution award will incur an Accreditation fee.

The current fees payable under each model are given in the following table:

Table 1. ProtectED Membership and Accreditation fees. 

If you would like to know more about ProtectED Membership, please email


1. ProtectED Accreditation is renewable every three years.

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