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Past events

  • Thu, Oct 29
    Zoom Webinar
    Supporting Estranged Students' Success
    Improving university policies and services for students without family support
  • Thu, Oct 01
    Zoom Webinar
    Safeguarding the Student Experience: The Evolution of Campus Security
    Towards effective institutional security (and the benefits during Covid-19)
  • Thu, Aug 27
    Zoom Webinar
    Student Financial Wellbeing
    Good practice in enabling student financial resilience and dealing with gambling issues
  • Thu, Jul 30
    Zoom Webinar
    Safeguarding the Student Experience
    Good practice in addressing Student Harassment & Sexual Assault — Dealing fairly with sexual misconduct complaints
  • Thu, Jun 25
    Zoom Webinar
    Minding the Student Mind
    Student mental health support challenges and changes during lockdown — and beyond
  • Thu, May 28
    Zoom webinar
    Lockdown Insights
    Struggles and Solutions for University Security and Student Accommodation
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