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Feedback from our Founder Members

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Take a look at some of the feedback we've received from our ProtectED Member

universities, showcasing how ProtectED Membership and Accreditation supports HEIs in four key ways:

1. Supporting recruitment of home and international students;

2. Supporting student satisfaction, retention and completion;

3. Helping protect institutional reputation; and

4. Improving cost efficiency and service effectiveness.



ProtectED Founder Member

In this video, Lisa BanksDirector of Student Services at the University of Central Lancashire, talks about UCLan's 'whole university' approach to student services — and the benefits of ProtectED Membership for students and universities.
Subtitles are available on the video.

Lesley O'KeefeRegistrar at Brunel University London

Brunel University London

ProtectED Founder Member


Why is ProtectED needed In the HE sector?

With lots of focus on the 'Student Experience' and the mental health and wellbeing of the student body and wider community, the HE sector will benefit from having a benchmark of what good practice looks like. How else will universities be able to highlight the good work that they are doing? The ProtectED scheme provides a wide remit of requirements that enable universities to demonstrate that the security and wellbeing of their students is considered in a number of areas.


What are the top three key benefits you feel ProtectED offers?

ProtectED offers a clear message that Brunel University London is serious about the provision of high levels of security and wellbeing for our students. It has been a good exercise in confirming and formalising some of the work that we do, which in turn will enable more consistency in the support being offered. And finally, this work has really assisted with cross-department working to remind all colleagues that we are all working towards the same outcome — a great, and safe, student experience for our students!


How does ProtectED support and enhance existing Accreditations within the HE sector?

Most other accreditations are specific to one area of work. ProtectED brings together the great work of the Security Team, the Student Union and Student Services. This allows a more thorough view of all areas of work and creates a collaborative accreditation scheme.

Deanne dunstan.jpg

Deanne DunstanSenior Bid & Awards Writer, Student Services at Coventry University

Coventry University

ProtectED Founder Member


Why is ProtectED needed In the HE sector?

We believe that ProtectED is needed because it offers a truly holistic approach to ensuring the safety, security and wellbeing of all students — all essential to student satisfaction, retention and success.


What are the top three key benefits you feel ProtectED offers?

  • ProtectED offers opportunities to share good practice with other universities and to learn from what others are doing to inform your own practice

  • It provides reassurance for both students and parents that student safety in all its forms is paramount

  • It provides a practical, transparent framework that outlines the varied measures and the requirements needed to satisfy the different  levels.

How does ProtectED support and enhance existing Accreditations within the HE sector?

ProtectED is a great tool for ensuring that complex organisations, such as Universities, coordinate their efforts and effectively utilise their resources in supporting students. The framework covers areas frequently missed by other initiatives — such as the unique support needs of the international students, that make an enormous contribution to the experience of Higher Education at many institutions. At Coventry University we have found the ProtectED framework an invaluable tool in ensuring that the support we provide at the University is amongst the best in class.

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