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What a sector-Gender-based violence on campus: what we can learn from the United States

WONKHE, have written an article looking at Gender based violence data, and why universities should be looking towards anonymous reporting for feedback.

As part of our Code of Practice, we require universities to have anonymous reporting, and that any data from recording platforms is analysed and acted upon, it is a shock to find that some universities are still not offering this service to students. I know publishing results is something that universities do not want to face as they feel it will not help their reputation, but we have said before that publishing these would hold them accountable, and also give them the opportunity to show how they are improving, and what they are doing to facilitate that. We have a specific instrument that look at Student Harassment and Sexual Assault, that you can now sign up for independently of the other instruments, if this is something you feel your institution would benefit from , please get in touch. You can read the full article by WONKHE here.



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