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Student Blogs: My ideas for Student Minds' #bestnightin campaign

If you’re like me, your Instagram feed is probably full of cheesy club photos, wine cheers-ing boomerangs (of which I have posted a fair few), and groups of guys and girls looking a little- a lot- intoxicated. This tends to live up to the student stereotype of clubbing into the early hours, and drinking away our loans. But we all know this isn’t the reality. The average student is generally very happy to stay in, watch a film, and order a Domino's.

Student Minds is a charity that is doing great work to promote student mental health across the UK. They offer advice on issues, ranging from eating difficulties to knowing how to support a friend who may be experiencing mental health issues. As part of their #bestnightin campaign, they are looking for students to send in pictures of their alternatives to a boozy night out during Freshers' Week.

Here are some of my suggestions for having the ultimate student night in (or at least, a night that doesn’t involve drinking and clubbing). This isn’t just limited to Freshers' Week. I think it’s really important to add in non alcohol-orientated events to your social calendar throughout the year. Not only will you avoid a hangover, but it’s a great way of making sure you are looking after yourself and your mental health.

Have a movie night

You can’t go wrong. After a long day of lectures and seminars, what could be better than settling down for the night and watching a film? You can tuck yourself up in bed and watch it on your laptop, or get your friends and housemates together in the living room. You’ll, of course, need to stock up on movie snacks to keep you going. Grab yourself a blanket, pop on the fairy lights, and enjoy the perfect cosy night in. If you want to make this a regular thing with friends, why not start a film or TV series and meet every week? It’s a great way to unwind, and is a really cheap night in.

Play some board games (yes, really)

Somehow, board games suddenly become cool again when you go to uni. My friends and I have spent many an evening getting a little too competitive during a game of Articulate or Monopoly. It’s simple, but it’s fun. And it’s a great way to pass the time if you have a free evening. You can bring your games from home, or club together and buy some for your house/ flat. And really, you’re not a proper student until you’ve played a game of Cards Against Humanity (buy it, you will have no regrets).

Cook group dinners

No, giving your housemates half of your oven pizza doesn’t count. Why not get a group of you together and cook a big sharing meal? Fajitas, pasta, maybe even a roast if you were feeling particularly like Jamie Oliver that day. Each of you can take on one job, and work together to create a proper home-made meal. Splitting the cost of the food will also make this very cheap. And if it all goes wrong… just order a takeaway.