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Student blogs: Essential mobile apps for students

No doubt your phone is jam packed with a multitude of apps that you use daily (let's not admit how many hours of our lives we’ve spent endlessly scrolling through Instagram or twitter). But apps can also be useful for other things, beyond staying connected with the rest of the world (shocker). Below, I have listed nine apps that my friends and I have found most useful as students — don’t worry they’re all free!


  • Your university's app:The most important app to have as a student is your university's own app; this will be the most helpful to you during your time studying. You’ll be able to view your timetable, get access to online readings and use the library services. The app may even allow you to have access to lecture presentations and notes (always helpful for when you’ve overslept for those pesky 9AMs).

  • DropBox: There is nothing worse than finishing an essay and then losing it due to some technical issue with your laptop. To avoid this, and prevent the stressful breakdown that would no doubt come with this problem, is DropBox. Dropbox is an external service where you can save your work so even if — God forbid — something happens to your laptop, you can still access your DropBox account from any other device.


  • Splitwise: This app is particularly useful if you are living in a shared house and need to split household bills, although it can be used to split any cost such as meals out. Splitwise lets you know who owes you what, and also how much you owe other people. Email reminders can be set up to remind others to pay you so you can avoid having that awkward conversation in person — Praise the Lord for technology!

  • Spendee: Spendee is a great app to keep track of your money and set budgets for yourself. Many students forget to budget their money and end up broke half-way through term (eating baked beans for six weeks straight is no one’s idea of a great dinner). You can add in all of your expenses such as bills, food shopping, rent etc. as well as add in any income you receive. Monitoring your money has never been easier.


  • Moovit: If you’re at uni then chances are you’re in a new city which you don’t know much about, and this can be quite daunting. Moovit lets you have quick access to all the public transport links that are near you, offering you timetables, arrival times and service alerts and it can also plan a journey for you.

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