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Would you like to find out more about ProtectED? Free webinar on 25th May

If you work in higher education, or have an interest in the safety, security and wellbeing of university students, then we would highly recommend signing up for a free webinar on Friday 25th May, at 11:00am.

As you may know, ProtectED is the first UK Higher Education membership and accreditation scheme to look comprehensively across student safety, security and wellbeing. The need for ProtectED is rooted in the recognition that universities have a wider role to play in supporting the safety and wellbeing of their students – not only while on campus, but throughout their student experience.

The webinar will be a short 20 minute presentation outlining how ProtectED has evolved, what it means to become a member, the importance of our work in this area and the accreditation process. It addresses some of our most frequently asked questions, and will be relevant to anyone who has an interest in any of the following areas:

  • Student wellbeing and mental health

  • Safety and security of students

  • International students' welfare

  • Tackling student harassment and sexual assault

  • Student safety on a night out

Register here for the webinar and find out more about how the ProtectED Code of Practice is focused on creating a safe, supportive university environment in which students can allowed to reach their full potential.

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