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Student Blogs: The 'drinking culture' at university — myths and alternatives

The drinking culture at university can be intense, especially if this is something you are not that into. Freshers' Week can be quite intimidating: you have left home (perhaps for the first time), are thrown in with a group of diverse people and are about to live with complete strangers for a year. You'll also be going on nights out in a city that you may have never visited before. This thought will either send some nerves through your system or make you feel more excited! Here is some information about what to expect during Freshers' Week.

What to expect

Typically, you can expect going out with your new flatmates to your local newsagent to get some cheap booze (the clubs can be expensive for drinks!) and heading back to awkwardly play drinking games until everyone is drunk enough to consider anyone as their best friend. You may find the opposite if you have a shy flatmate who may not want to participate ,so try to include them in a non-pressuring way.

You will then probably spend the night partying at a club, losing your new friends and re-finding them, then making new buddies with other people from your university! Lots of selfies will be taken and then after going to some of the Freshers' events, the night will end with you eating at some fast food place.


Here are some of the myths that I found out to be false:

  • The clubs at university are the best! (They are just like any other club);

  • You cannot meet people if you do not drink (There are loads of ways to socialise);

  • Freshers is the best week and you cannot miss it (There are many other fun things to do at university).

Other ways to socialise

As someone who was not the biggest fan of Freshers' Week, I found that despite the pressures around drinking at university, I have made more authentic friendships through other ways of socialising. If drinking and clubs are not your thing then you will find people more like you through the activities that you enjoy.