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ProtectED Conversations – Student & Staff Resilience within Higher Education

About this Event

The ProtectED Conversations series brings together higher education professionals, academics and ProtectED Member institutions to share perspectives on issues impacting students' safety and wellbeing.

ProtectED Founder Members and Keynote Speakers will be sharing their approaches and success stories from their extensive and critical work in improving the student experience.

Lesley OKeeffe, Deputy Director Academic and Student Services at Brunel University London will be sharing her approach to student services through the ProtectED Code of Practice. Brunel are a Founder Member Institution.

Simon Lee, Deputy Director Student and Library Services at Teesside & AMOSSHE Executive Member will be delivering a Resilience workshop to explore and encourage resilience within Higher Education. Teesside are a Founder Member Institution.

Oliver Curran, Deputy Security Manager at UCL and Tracy McAuliffe , Head of Student Services will be sharing success stories around the prevention is better than cure approach in creating a positive student experience.

We hope you can join us to discuss how we can enhance the role we all play in supporting student safety and wellbeing and resilience— not only while students are on on campus, but throughout their student experience.

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