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ProtectED Evening Reception at the House of Lords

Our ProtectED patron, Baroness Henig, was unfortunately unable to attend the ProtectED Evening Reception at the House of Lords at the end of October. Fortunately for us, Lord Kennedy of Southwark kindly stepped in to host the event. We would like to thank Lord Roy Kennedy for supporting us so well at such short notice. He did an amazing job as host, expressing interest in all the subjects discussed during the evening. We very much hope he will be able to join us at future ProtectED events at the House of Lords.

ProtectED Director Andrew Wootton introduced the evening agenda of guest speakers and talked passionately of the creation and purpose of ProtectED; proclaiming that the development of ProtectED would not have been possible without the collaborative effort of a number people, who came together with a shared vision and have become friends in the process. Andrew explained how university departments working together with outside agencies, such as the police, NHS and local authorities, adopting collaborative approaches to achieve a safer and more secure university experience for all students. Andrew and the Co-Directors of ProtectED are looking forward to the next institutions joining as ProtectED Founder Members — 'early adopters' acting proactively to enhance the student experience and "do what is right", during a challenging period of change in the sector.

Trevor Jones, Chair of the Association of University Chief Security Officers (AUCSO) united the room in talking about county lines crimes and how, no matter which university you work for, there will be some links to county lines crimes on your campus. He noted that this problem is o embedded within universities that criminal gangs even have students that enrol in a university with the sole purpose of selling drugs. Such criminal enterprises may also entice students that are struggling with their student debt with the offer of easy money, or just befriend lonely isolated students and draw them in gradually. County lines crime is something that everyone in the room agreed was a pressing concern within the university sector.

After voicing their approval of Trevor’s speech, the audience was treated to a speech by Lisa Banks, Director of Student Services at the University of Central Lancashire — one of our ProtectED Founder Members. Lisa outlined her reasons for supporting ProtectED, explaining that she believes ProtectED will raise student safety and wellbeing up the agenda of every university.

A previous speaker at ProtectED events, as usual Lisa delivered a very uplifting keynote. She spoke of how, looking around her office for inspiration for her speech, she spotted a huge pile of reports that had been published over the last few months from EHRC, UUK, OFS, NUS, and others. These publications covered everything from student initiations to online harassment, and demonstrated the fast-changing nature of the university sector, with institutions facing increasing demands to do more or better across a range of issues.

As Lisa said, “Being a Student Services Director can sometimes be a lonely job. I don’t just mean because we deal with students when they are at their most vulnerable and often have to co-ordinate support with the NHS, Police, and so on. I mean because we can often be a lone voice at that senior table on topics such as mental health, harassment etc. For example, I strongly believe that putting more resources in to Mental Health Teams is only part of the answer to the mental health crisis so widely reported in the Press. We should also be focusing upstream on giving students the skills to become resilient, to understand their responsibilities as members of society who show respect to all members of their community. If we do this upstream, we have less cases of harassment, hate crime, mental health crisis and our students have better lives.”

Lisa explained how ProtectED provides a set of benchmarks that help newly developing teams understand what excellence is and how to make a difference: "In this world we need strong leaders, with a clear and coherent vision."