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A student view - Coping in the current climate

What a strange couple of weeks. I feel like we're living in a third dimension. The streets are bare, everyone's wearing gloves, there's no milk in the shops and don't get me started on the lack of eggs.

It's pretty scary, I won't sugar coat it.

Two and a half weeks ago I was living in Salford, continuing my studies as a Multimedia Journalism student attending lectures and classes. I was living in a uni house with more independence than you could imagine. I was working for the Hits Radio Manchester Street Team. Practically living with my boyfriend, doing my own food shop, clubbing and seeing friends almost daily but all of a sudden that's come to a halt.

Now I’m back home, like the rest of the nation I look forward to my one exercise a day normally a walk to the Co-op for the essentials, milk, bread, whatever chocolate they have on offer, not essential but if I'm in the shop I'm going to grab it, aren't you?

I can't say I'm used to the routine change despite being happy to be home, no cold uni house, no doing my own food shop or living off Aldi super noodles (although they're lovely). When you go from living, with freedom, a social life, a job and it just stops it can feel like your life's gotten a bit out of control.

For me, I'd love to say I've used my time in lockdown so far productively. If you call switching between FaceTime, Sims and Disney+ for about 12 hours a day productive, then yeah, I'm off to a great start.

My university has provided new assignments. It's stressful when your degree requires face to face contact 24/7 and access to studios and equipment both of which are at the university. Not ideal, but our teachers are doing their best to help us finish the year. I’m sure after Easter break our tutors will have even more resources and ideas to help us out.

With university shutting it's hard to concentrate. I always prefer work in the Media City UK campus library. Without the library, classes or equipment, it's hard to feel confident I'll do well this term. However, I’m glad I still have the opportunity to continue my studies and finish the academic year.

We can all agree this is a horrible experience, it’s not fun being inside all the time. Having one essential trip to the shops or one form of exercise a day it’s hard to feel positive.

I might start painting. I've got time to learn, haven't I? My friend Ellie painted some small canvases whilst the house self-isolated the other week and it looked therapeutic and calming,

It’s apparent that lockdown is causing major boredom, so how do we pass the time?

  • Get creative, paint, draw, create something. Something you never would’ve had the time to create before this.

  • TikTok is a great app, some of the content on there is unbelievable! Though I don't recommend spending hours glued to TikTok, it'll cure your boredom for a little at least.

  • Grab a good book, reading is a great way to pass time and it’s relaxing!

  • Card games! I taught my 7-year-old sister how to play Go-Fish the other day and it’s so fun, even if she cheats sometimes!

  • If you have a back-garden use this. You can work out, have a beer or a gin or just sit outside and stare into the abyss who knows, fresh air does absolute wonders for you.

  • Make a list of all the things you want to do when this is over. DO them when you have the chance, life is too short, and you don't know when yours could be halted like this again.

  • FACETIME. Texting is great but being able to chat with the people in your life and see their faces is lot more personal and will genuinely make your day a little better.

  • Talk to people. Your friends, family, boyfriends/girlfriends, tutors. Keeping open communication right now is more important than ever for your mental health, surround yourself with things you enjoy and don’t feel ashamed to take a break whether it be from social media or your studies, talk and put your mental health first.

They're just a few suggestions, I'm also figuring out how to spend my time.

Let's look forward to the good times that we can have when this is all over and let's give the key workers some support and encourage them that there are better days and they will come.

Oh, and please stop stockpiling eggs, my diet of eggy bread sandwiches refuses to be ruined by stockpiling, I’m sure Tesco's will still be there tomorrow and remember, one person per household to the shops, please.

Cora can be contacted via twitter @CoraDixonMedia Linkedin profile is:

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