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Guide for Estranged Students

This fantastic guide has been written by someone who has been through this process and wanted to make the process easier for anyone following a similar path. Eira Wallace told us,

"I became estranged at the start of 2016 and left an abusive home with nothing more than a few clothes and the books I had taken to school that day. Since then, I completed my A-Levels, a Bachelor's degree, and a Master's degree. Along the way, I realised how the experiences of estranged students were not well-understood and our needs not catered for. Every time I faced an issue it felt as if I was the first estranged student to have gone through the process. I created this guide in the aim to help other estranged students who will likely face the same issues. I hope that by having a rough outline of how to face these issues, other estranged students will not have to spend as much time and effort as I have in resolving them".

This is a well written and comprehensive guide, if you are an estranged student, help estranged students or know someone who is, it is certainly worth a read.

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