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Are your international student recruitment agents British Council trained?

The purpose of the British Council Agent and Counsellor Training Suite is to provide a practical and professional training programme for those who recommend the UK as a study destination to international students.

Featuring in the PIE News, The British Council Agent and Counsellor Training Suite of online courses will provide school counsellors, college counsellors, teachers and education agents with the knowledge to become a professional and certified education agent for the UK.

Learners can benefit from flexible and user-friendly training which supports professional development by providing continual learning at multiple levels of high-quality study.

Participants can choose from levels of study from Assistant to Advanced level and those who successfully complete to Certificate level will be considered as fully trained, certifying them as a British Council Trained Agent or Counsellor.

The training suite is designed for education advisors at various levels of seniority within agencies, colleges and schools. The training provides progression for new entrants into international education to those very experienced with the sector. The aim is to increase individual and agency capabilities and capacities to promote UK education. It is also designed to promote and reward ethical and professional behaviour and to improve the quality of agents and counsellors by providing a British Council professional development route.

The training is fully accessible on mobile phones, tablets and desktops at a time and a place to suit users with knowledge checks and end of unit assessments.

Once completed all the levels and certified, your agent or counsellor will be featured on our Global Agent List.

Five reasons to encourage your agent or counsellor to complete the British Council Agent and Counsellor Training Suite

· Agents and counsellors play a highly valued role in supporting applicants and prospective students who plan to study in the UK. Our training provides a good understanding of the education sector including courses and qualifications, quality assurance, entrance requirements and applying to study. You may wish to ensure that an agent is trained as part of your due diligence checks on prospective agents or counsellors.

· You may wish to recommend that the educational agencies you work with complete our training to become certified as British Council trained agent or counsellor. One main advantage being that the training includes relevant features of the legal and regulatory environment for agencies working with institutions, partners, parents and students.

· All education providers are featured in the programme including higher education, independent schools and private colleges, further and work based education, foundation and pathway courses.

· The training can support agents and counsellors to advise students about the benefits of choosing the UK as a study destination over international competitor countries.

· Student welfare and support advice is a key priority as the training addresses the practical aspects of studying and living in the UK for international students, accommodation, financial issues, immigration regulations and visa requirements.

Learners are required to purchase the Assistant level before progressing to the Associate or Certificate levels.

To find out more about the training, please see our short video explaining the benefits and new learning experiences.

We hope you enjoy the training and if you have any queries, please contact us at



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