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BBC NEWS - Home secretary wants police update on spiking by needles

Starting University is an exciting time, but it can also be a time when some students blow off excess steam, and explore their freedom. Going out to Night Clubs are a normal part of young peoples lives.

No one could have escaped the news recently on women's safety, but it seems there is a new threat from spiking, but not your drink as everyone would assume, there has been a worrying spate of people being injected. Priti Patel is calling for an update and Police chiefs have been tasked by the Commons Home Affairs Committee to urgently assess the scale of the problem around the country.

Girls Night In an action group have called for a boycott of Nightclubs until they take measures to increase safety. But this then begs the question that has been asked lately, why should people change their behaviour, they should be able to go out and be safe.

As part of the ProtectED Code of Practice we have a whole section headed Student Night Out, that outlines best practice in all aspects student safety and wellbeing from training security and bar staff how to help a student in need to building schemes such as Ask for Angela that support people who feel in danger. Please contact us if you want to know more about what we do to protect students. You can read the full BBC article HERE.


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