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CriticalArc - Is Your University Doing Enough to Keep Women Safe?

This piece from CriticalArc looks into how universities are doing with the support and safety that they provide for their students.

Women's safety has been prevalent in the news recently, especially with all the revelations about the complaints at the MET Police, people are finding it hard to trust anyone, including their universities. This article by CriticalArc looks at what universities can do to protect all their students, including using their very reliable system SafeZone that supports students, universities and security staff.

Student safety is something that ProtectED is passionate about. Harassment and Sexual assault, is one of the areas we cover in our Code of Practice for universities. If you haven't taken a look at our Instrument on Student Harassment and Sexual Assault, it is a great way to make sure your university is doing everything it can for its students. Including using a safety app such as SafeZone, which we are glad to see our Founder Member Universities have taken this onboard, we are proud to see Teesside featured in this piece was they are one of our Founder Member Universities, working to make sure their students have the best support possible. You can read the CriticalArc article here.



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