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ProtectED Reflections – The post-Covid university challenge – Safeguarding the international student

On Thursday 20 May 2021 at 11.00 GMT, we held our ProtectED Reflections webinar - The post-Covid university challenge – Safeguarding the international student experience - How universities can prepare for and protect the post-Covid student journey

We were very pleased to welcome our speakers for this event:

  • Helen Clews – Senior Adviser Immigration at British Council and ProtectED Advisory Board Member

  • Doug Little – Senior Project Manager at the International Student Mental Health Project

We discussed: How Covid-19 has impacted international students and the management and delivery of International Student support services.

Covid-19 has made ensuring the safety and wellbeing of university students even more demanding. To remain competitive, HEIs must maintain the quality of student experience they offer to international applicants, while facing additional pressures from Covid.

Throughout the event Helen shared her knowledge, and has kindly given us the reports and services she mentioned to share with you:

The Pie News - Students suggest vaccine rollout adds to UK appeal – survey

International Student and Parent Buyer Behaviour Research 2019

The Pie News - ‘Hedge your bets’, agents tell prospective students

If you would like to get in touch with Doug and find out more about the International Mental Health Project there are several ways please find below.

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