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The Student Room - The impact of lockdown measures on students in 2021

The Student Room have again shed light of some of the burning issues that are affecting students all over the UK. They have reported that posting on their platform was up 39% in January alone. It is important to listen to what students want and need, after all it is their experience university. Covid-19 has impacted every aspect of their learning, social lives and futures, it is good to know what they think, and what changes and support they want to see.

Students have discussed everything from rent strikes, student loans to teaching quality, but most worrying is the rise in mental health issues that are mentioned, this is one subject we know that universities need to work on. Our ProtectED Code of Practice covers the standard of support that universities should provide for staff and students. This report shows that this issue is high on students minds and should be high on the priority list for universities as well. Read the full article here.



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