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Times Higher Education - Higher education must stop covering up misconduct

Last week The Minister for Further and Higher Education Michelle Donelan called on universities across the UK to scrap the practice of using NDAs in sexual abuse cases.

Fourteen universities have now signed the pledge not to use NDA's, which is a step in the right direction, Julie Macfarlane has written an article for the Times Higher Education, looking into the the history of NDA's, her personal experience and the launch of the 'Can't buy my silence campaign'.

As part of the ProtectED Code of Practice we require all universities signed up too ProtectED, to have robust measures and policies in place to support Sexual misconduct victims. We also encourage all universities to follow the Guidance laid out by 1752 and McAllister Olivarius, who have campaigned on this issue for years. NDA's should not be part of this process, we applaud Julie Macfarlane and Michelle Donelan MP, for taking a stand. You can read the full article here.



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