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WONKHE - A judge has ruled that universities do owe a duty of care to students

We have covered the call for a Duty of Care from universities, and have been interested to see that there has been a legal judgement based on a case taken by survivors, not by the responding party - this was a case that related to sexual misconduct not Suicide which is where the original Duty of Care call came from, but this will make a big difference to how HEIs look at this. as there is now has president.

One of the issues mentioned is that the university involved didn't have a policy or procedure in place for dealing with a sexual assault. This is very worrying, We insist that our member universities have these and many other policies in place, to ensure student safety. If you want to have a chat about how we can help you look at your policies, please get in touch. You can read the full article from WONKHE here.



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